• Post frame buildings are a very cost effective way to build almost any new structure. Material and labor costs are typically lower than conventional methods of construction allowing you to put up more building for your money.

  • Post frame buildings are extremely energy efficient offering up to R-38 ceilings and R-19 walls.

  • Quick build times help you to occupy the building faster than most other methods of construction.

  • Wood framing allows for easy installation of interior walls and ceilings (if desired)

  • Concrete floors and insulated interior packages may be added right away or at any time in the future.

  • Siding options include painted steel, vinyl, brick, or wood (hemlock board and batten)

  • Roofing options include painted steel or shingles

  • Post frame buildings are available up to 72' wide clear span (without any interior posts to get in the way), and up to 22' tall (ceiling height)

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